More on patterns!

February 25th, 2011 by mclantin

I have recently found a new way to make patterns with shapes built in Mr. Softie. In my Independent study project, I need to use repetition to represent the idea behind constructing and disclosing, behind the painter and the photographer.

In my last project, I mixed repetition to the concept of copies where I would print a pattern designed on Mr. Softie, scan it, print it again… until I obtain the texture of the paper, the feeling that everything was copied. However, I had to find a way to show the repetition without falling in such a boring comparison! This new technique is made from a screenshot (yep, only one!). It think it is more relevant mainly because it’s impossible to tell what it’s based on. The result seems incredibly close to a painting which, in the case of my independent study, works perfectly!

First image : the original montage

Second image : same picture, this time with the pattern effect added